List of Events

  1. Alice d'Lumiere sits in a hoop with a microphone.

    Speaking Out and Fitting In!

    Written and Performed by Alice d'Lumiere

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  2. A group of birds fly over a pond in a forest

    Leave It To Puck! & Birdland

    An MCS Drama production

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  3. Headshot of Serena Flynn wearing a hat covered in plastic lizards.

    Lizard King

    Serena Flynn

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  4. A man with a red nose holds a white and yellow striped paper bag. A smaller red paper bag with googly eyes pokes out the top.

    The Bag That Went Boo!

    A Garlic Theatre Production

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  5. Group of cartoon creatures playing musical instruments. A dinosaur plays the Trumpet, a tropical bird plays a guitar and 2 turtles play drums and a saxaphone.

    Animal Rocks

    An Oxford Playhouse production

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  6. A woman dressed as Alice. She holds a cup and saucer in one hand, and an alarm clock in the other.

    Through the Looking-Glass And What Fashion Found There

    Alice as a Style Icon

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  7. Closeup of an old typewriter. The sheet of paper has the words ACT 1 printed on it.

    New Voices for a New World

    Playhouse Playmakers

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  8. Sarah Millican stands with her hands on her hips.

    Sarah Millican

    Bobby Dazzler

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  9. Two people on stage control a large puppet of a T-Rex

    Dinosaur World Live

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  10. A lightbulb glowing with light. It has been planted in a mound of soil.

    Oxford Playhouse Adult Company: Live and Learn

    Oxford Playhouse Adult Company

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  11. Neon text reading 'POPART'. Each letter is surrounded by a neon frame.

    Pop Art: A Musical

    Part of Offbeat Festival 2022

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  12. A sunflower, surrounded by houses on a hill

    Calendar Girls

    A Musical by Gary Barlow and Tim Firth

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