List of Events

  1. Caroline Quentin - The Plot So Far

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  2. A silhouette of a head, neck and shoulders with a crown positioned above at an angle on a bright red background.


    English Touring Theatre

    ETT in association with Bristol Old Vic. Originally co-produced by ETT, Shakespeare North, Northern Stage and Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg

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  3. A collage of photos. The left side is half a face of a Grecian statue, the other is the right side of a white woman's face with freckles. It is a close up of her eye.

    Wild Visions, Untamed Myth

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  4. Dom Joly's Conspiracy Tourist Tour

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  5. Tomorrow is Not Promised

    A co-production between New Slang Productions, The Lowry, Salford and Sustained Theatre Up North

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  6. A black mortarboard held by an unidentified hand.

    Blue Stockings

    An Oxford Playhouse Young Company production

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  7. Kid Carpet and the Noisy Garden Centre

    A Kid Carpet production

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  8. A woman in a white prairie-style outfit swings her body to one side. Behind her, six women dressed identically are in different position as they cartwheel.


    Ockham’s Razor

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  9. Graziano Di Prima - Believe: My Life On Stage

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  10. A drawn image of Lucy Beaumont. She has long blonde hair and wears a cardigan. She holds a microphone up in her hand and appears in a pink oval surrounded by a beige border.

    Lucy Beaumont: The Trouble and Strife!

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  11. Tortoise & the Hare

    Northern Ballet

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  12. A brick wall spray painted with a yellow circle and orange crown above a graffitied silhouette of a man. He leans against a lamppost.

    Me and My Girl

    Musical Youth Company of Oxford

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