List of Events

    1. A blue and white pill, surrounded by several cherubs holding a bow and arrow.

      The Effect

      By Lucy Prebble

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    2. A cartoon drawing of a young girl walking in the snow. In the background there are trees, a sleigh and a teddy bear hanging on a sign directing her to the 'North Pole', 'Desert', 'Home' and 'Jungle'.

      Home In Time for Christmas

      An Oxford Playhouse production

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    3. A man in a polo neck jumper looking to the left. Posters in a background read 'Vote Mugabe'.

      Mugabe, My Dad and Me

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    4. Two men are kissing and holding hands. A rainbow light is shone upon them.

      A Partnership

      Paper Mug Theatre

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    5. Drawing of a boy jumping in the air holding a bag of gold


      Norwich Puppet Theatre

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    6. A woman is holding and looking at a Magpie.

      Stop Trying to be Fantastic

      Written & Performed by Molly Naylor

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    7. A photograph of a car dashboard showing a tape player alongside a selection of tapes.

      My Car Plays Tapes

      By John Osborne

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    8. Closeup photograph of a bear puppet - it is wearing a red scarf.

      Oldilocks & the 3 Bears

      Garlic Theatre

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    9. Two women dressed in pink flamingo oufits

      Nothing Happens (Twice)

      Directed by Ursula Martinez

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    10. A woman is holding up a glass bowl which is half filled with water. She is gazing into it.

      Everything I Didn't Say

      On the Run Theatre

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    11. A group of five men, each holding wooden badminton racquets.

      The Net Kill

      Incognito Theatre

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    12. Drawing of a boy handing of a vine. Various pink flowers are blooming around him.

      The Flower

      A Daniel Naddafy and Oxford Playhouse co-production

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