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Bringing live performance, drama, dance, comedy to our stage in the heart of Oxford. We also work with over 15,000 young people a year through our young people's theatre company and community activities.

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  1. Two wing-backed red velvet armchairs positioned slightly apart from each other on a wooden floor. A man (left) wearing nightclothes sits in one chair, his left arm outstretched, his index finger pointed. A woman sits on the arm of the other chair, also wearing nightclothes. She holds her pregnant belly with her left hand, her right arm stretched towards the man's, also pointing her index finger. Their fingers almost touch. The backdrop behind them appears to be of stitched together skin, a shadowy figure in the centre.


    An imitating the dog and Leeds Playhouse Co-Production

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  2. A woman wearing a red dress is on the floor arching backwards with one arm out reached and her head leaning back. Red smoke is coming off of her body

    Hot House

    Richard Chappell Dance

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  3. A group of men stood in a line in front of a wooden structure. They are dressed in black tie suits and some hold orchestral instruments

    The Pasadena Roof Orchestra

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Open House

At Oxford Playhouse we believe that everyone, whatever their background or circumstance, should have the chance to experience live performance.

Watching theatre can transport us to far away places. It lets us time travel and journey alongside characters with similar and dissimilar experiences to our own - it helps us to empathise, to celebrate, to laugh and to cry. We might be a bit biased, but we think theatre and live performance is pretty good for the soul!

That's why every year we give away around 2,500 tickets absolutely free to community groups, individuals or school groups that might otherwise not be able to attend.

We call this programme Open House.

Please help us to keep this valuable work going by donating to The Playhouse today...