List of Events

    1. A jester, a knight in underwear and a maiden are standing on top of a wooden circular structure. There are six people below them looking up at them. A medieval tent and view of the town and countryside are in the background.

      King Arthur: A Legendary Comedy

      Presented by Le Navet Bete

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    2. Black and white image of a theatre lighting rig with a man and woman adjusting the lights

      Oxford Playhouse Backstage Tours

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    3. Man with dreadlocks and a head band singing into a hand-held microphone. His eyes are closed and he's reaching one arm out in front of him.

      The King of Reggae: The Man - The Music

      Presented by Rush Theatre Company

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    4. Michael McIntyre smiles widely, he wears a black blazer with a white shirt and navy and white spotted tie. He stands on a pink background.

      Michael McIntyre: MACNIFICENT (Warm Up)

      Off The Kerb Productions Ltd

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    5. Chess The Musical

      Presented by Musical Youth Company of Oxford

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    6. The Tiger Who Came To Tea

      Presented by Nicoll Entertainment

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    7. Pinocchio

      Presented by Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company

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    8. An image of Nish Kumar wearing a brown top, looking off to the side.

      Nish Kumar: Nish, Don't Kill My Vibe

      Presented by Plosive Live in association with PBJ Management

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    9. Buffy Revamped

      Presented by James Seabright

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    10. Image of Rachel Parris wearing a white and green striped dress

      Rachel Parris: Poise

      Presented by Show and Tell

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    11. Image of woman wearing a black dress and a large black headpiece made out of feathers

      An Evening Without Kate Bush

      Presented by John Mackay

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    12. Close up image of Alfie Moore wearing a suit and red tie, looking directly at the camera

      Alfie Moore: A Face for Radio

      Presented by Moore Enterprising Ltd

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