Oxford Playhouse offers a range of opportunities and performances for early years children and their families to enjoy every week.

From our weekly sing-along and play session, Hey Diddle Diddle, to our seasonal workshops and activity days, we have lots on offer for your child to begin their creative journey from a young age.

A drawing by artist Korky Paul of a cat dancing and playing a fiddle

Hey Diddle Diddle

Monday morning musical fun, to start your week off with a dance and a song!

Our sing-along sessions for toddlers and their adults introduce music, dance and acting skills to early years children, to kick-start their excitement for creativity and imagination.

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Greek Myths Unplugged

Why do we still retell Greek myths – what relevance do they have today?
Why are they still important to the modern Western World?

We’re excited to present three of the most loved and enduring Greek myths for free in partnership with Unicorn Theatre Online for families and School Years 3 to 7.

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