List of Events

    1. A black & white image of Spike Milligan with a confused expression on his face. Cartoon images are coming out of the top of his head with random items featured, including a trumpet and a donkey. and words that read BANG, GO AWAY, POP, BBC and COMPLAINTS


      By Ian Hislop and Nick Newman

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    2. Half a woman's face with a tear rolling down her cheek. Numbers are projected across the image and her face.

      The Lesson

      An Icarus Theatre production

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    3. Headshot of Harry Hill

      Harry Hill: Experiments In Entertainment 3 – Work in Progress

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    4. Two woman sit in front of a piano. One plays the keys, the other holds an egg shaker.

      Flo & Joan

      Sweet Release

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    5. David O'Doherty is sat on a chair outside. A photoshoot set up and camera lights surround him with a green backdrop behind him.

      David O’Doherty

      whoa is me

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    6. A man drives a time machine into a vortex.

      Self-Defence for Time Travellers

      In association with Oxford Science and Ideas Festival

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    7. Headshot of Ed Gamble with neon lights behind him

      Ed Gamble


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    8. Headshot of Simon Evans - holding up a slip of paper which has a photo of his eyes printed out on, infront of his face.

      Simon Evans

      The Work of the Devil

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    9. Cast of Austentacious - dressed in period costume.


      The Improvised Jane Austen Novel

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    10. Three photographs of Paul Chowdry standing in different poses.

      Paul Chowdhry

      Family Friendly (No Children)

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    11. Headshot of Henning Wehn

      Henning Wehn

      It'll All Come Out In The Wash

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    12. A comedian performing on stage

      Oxfordshire Mind Comedy Gala

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