List of Events

    1. Illustration of Sophie and The Tiger, sat at a table together.

      The Tiger Who Came To Tea

      Based on the Book by Judith Kerr

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    2. A man with a red nose holds a white and yellow striped paper bag. A smaller red paper bag with googly eyes pokes out the top.

      The Bag That Went Boo!

      A Garlic Theatre Production

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    3. Two people on stage control a large puppet of a T-Rex

      Dinosaur World Live

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    4. Shadow puppets of a girl and a peacock facing one another.

      Apple 'N' Spice

      Part of Offbeat Festival 2022

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    5. A man with a giant moustache holds a notepad on stage. A woman in sunglasses peers over his shoulder holding a magnifying glass.

      The Munch Mission

      Part of Offbeat Festival 2022

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    6. Three people smile toward the camera. A man in the centre wears a helmet that looks like a bee.

      Me and My Bee

      On Demand

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    7. Two doctors flying on the back of ZOG in the moonlight.

      Zog and the Flying Doctors


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    8. A large dragon puppet on stage.

      Dragons and Mythical Beasts Live

      Direct from the West End!

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    9. A cartoon pig in the sky surrounded by clouds.

      Pigs Might Fly

      Based on Michael Morpurgo’s Mudpuddle Farm

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    10. The words Cinderella appear above a drawing of a mouse, next to a glass slipper. The drawing is by Korky Paul.

      Cinderella Pantomime

      2022 to 2023

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