List of Events

    1. A drawing by Korky Paul. The words 'Robin Hood' are in gold with an arrow going through the centre. The dates 'Nov 2021 to Jan 2022' are also listed. Robin Hood is on the left and Maid Marion on the right hand side.

      Robin Hood Pantomime

      An Oxford Playhouse Pantomime

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    2. A cartoon drawing of a young girl walking in the snow. In the background there are trees, a sleigh and a teddy bear hanging on a sign directing her to the 'North Pole', 'Desert', 'Home' and 'Jungle'.

      Home In Time for Christmas

      An Oxford Playhouse production

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    3. An orange background and a stylised illustration of a dog in pinks and purples with a black nose.

      Oh No, George!

      By Chris Haughton

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    4. Drawing of a boy jumping in the air holding a bag of gold


      Norwich Puppet Theatre

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    5. Closeup photograph of a bear puppet - it is wearing a red scarf.

      Oldilocks & the 3 Bears

      Garlic Theatre

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    6. A chalkboard previously used in schools. The letter O has been written in Chalk.

      Mini Opera for Families: The Magic Flute

      Oxford Opera

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    7. Drawing of a boy handing of a vine. Various pink flowers are blooming around him.

      The Flower

      A Daniel Naddafy and Oxford Playhouse co-production

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    8. Dragons and Mythical Beasts Live

      From the creators of DINOSAUR WORLD LIVE

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