List of Events

  1. Drawing of two clowns, one if balancing a head on one finger. The other has a sinister look on its face.


    University of Oxford Student Season: Trinity Term 2022

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  2. Two men in white tuxedos dance with their backs to the camera.

    The Play What I Wrote

    by Hamish McColl and Sean Foley and, of course, Eddie Braben

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  3. A photograph of a no entry sign that is used to warn cars on roads. The sign is triangle in shape, with a red border. In the centre of the triangle is a red circle, that has a white line running through it.

    No Exit

    University of Oxford Student Season: Trinity Term 2022

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  4. Photograph of Boff & Dan - they are playing instruments next to a cliff edge. A view of the sea can be seen behind them.

    These Hills Are Ours

    Produced by ARC Stockton

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  5. A group of dancers jump against a brick wall.

    Kundle Cru's Blame Game

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  6. Photo of a person wearing a VR headset

    Double Life

    A VR Musical

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  7. A black and white image of Martin Luther King. A mountain range and a starry sky overlay the image.

    The Mountaintop

    A Chipping Norton Theatre production

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  8. Photograph of Martin Luther King

    Pre-Show Talk: The Mountaintop

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  9. Alice d'Lumiere sits in a hoop with a microphone.

    Speaking Out and Fitting In

    Alice d'Lumiere

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  10. A group of birds fly over a pond in a forest

    Leave It To Puck! & Birdland

    An MCS Drama production

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  11. Headshot of Serena Flynn wearing a hat covered in plastic lizards.

    Lizard King

    Serena Flynn

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  12. A man with a red nose holds a white and yellow striped paper bag. A smaller red paper bag with googly eyes pokes out the top.

    The Bag That Went Boo!

    A Garlic Theatre Production

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