List of Events

  1. Two women stand back-to-back. Shadows are cast across their faces.

    Grey Man

    On Demand

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  2. A half shirtless man wearing a black vest and a large sombrero

    Playing Latinx

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  3. A black and white photograph of Agatha Christie

    Weapon of Choice

    Agatha Christie and Poisons

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  4. A woman's face surrounded by an assortment of breads.

    The Two of Us

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  5. David O'Doherty is sat on a chair outside. A photoshoot set up and camera lights surround him with a green backdrop behind him.

    David O’Doherty

    whoa is me

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  6. The Pope and Archbishop sit next to each other in conversation

    The Two Popes

    By Anthony McCarten

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  7. A man drives a time machine into a vortex.

    Self-Defence for Time Travellers

    In association with Oxford Festival of Science and Ideas

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  8. Felix Kemp Performing

    Celebrate Opera

    A joyful journey through the world's greatest music!

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  9. A cartoon pig in the sky surrounded by clouds.

    Pigs Might Fly

    Based on Michael Morpurgo’s Mudpuddle Farm

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  10. A detailed image of the anatomy of the human brain on a blue background.

    Braintastic! Science

    Mastering Memory

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  11. Headshot of Ed Gamble with neon lights behind him

    Ed Gamble


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  12. Headshot of Simon Evans - holding up a slip of paper which has a photo of his eyes printed out on, infront of his face.

    Simon Evans

    The Work of the Devil

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