Audio Described Performances (via headphones) offer a live narration describing the action in the pauses between between the onstage dialogue, for those that are blind or partially sighted.

Oxford Playhouse programme audio described performances about 3/4 times a season. They are advertised on the same page as the production in the OP Season Brochure.

If you, or anyone in your party, would like to try or use audio description please let box office know when booking so that they can ensure there are enough headsets, that you are seated in the best area of the auditorium and so that they can inform you of any other linked facilities such as touch tours.

Free Touch Tours accompany these performances and are a chance to explore the set before the show begins. Please click here to visit our Touch Tours page.

Audio Described Performances Coming Up

  1. A man in a yellow roundel holding an old fashioned steering wheel. He has a pipe in his mouth and wears a tweed jacket with driving goggles on. A Union Jack is placed behind him.

    The 39 Steps

    By Alfred Hitchcock | Adapted by Patrick Barlow

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  2. A jester, a knight in underwear and a maiden are standing on top of a wooden circular structure. There are six people below them looking up at them. A medieval tent and view of the town and countryside are in the background.

    King Arthur: A Legendary Comedy

    Presented by Le Navet Bete

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  3. Sleeping Beauty

    An Oxford Playhouse Pantomime

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