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Bringing live performance, drama, dance, comedy to our stage in the heart of Oxford. We also work with over 15,000 young people a year through our young people's theatre company and community activities.

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Oxford Playhouse has been at the cultural heart of the region for over 80 years. With an inspirational programme of work encompassing world-class performance on stage, creative learning projects supporting literacy in schools and brilliant partnerships supporting social change in our communities. Help us continue our work by making a donation today!

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  1. A drawing by Korky Paul. The words 'Robin Hood' are in gold with an arrow going through the centre. The dates 'Nov 2021 to Jan 2022' are also listed. Robin Hood is on the left and Maid Marion on the right hand side.

    Robin Hood Pantomime

    An Oxford Playhouse Pantomime

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  2. A cartoon drawing of a young girl walking in the snow. In the background there are trees, a sleigh and a teddy bear hanging on a sign directing her to the 'North Pole', 'Desert', 'Home' and 'Jungle'.

    Home In Time for Christmas

    An Oxford Playhouse production

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  3. Headshot of Stewart Lee - the image is split in two. On the left hand side of the background there are union jack flags in the shape of snowflakes. On the right hand side background there is a multicolour swirl effect with a shark opening its mouth.

    Stewart Lee


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