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The Playhouse Plays Out Tent is officially back on the road!

The travelling tent, which has been visiting schools since the beginning of June, is now being pitched at community venues around Oxfordshire to delight audiences with an original Oxford Playhouse family production, Story Seekers. The theatre is free, so come along and enjoy the show!

Bringing lesser-known folktales to life in an interactive, musical show, Priscille Grace and Tomoko Komura opened to large crowds of families at The Leys in Witney. With delightful feedback from audiences over the weekend, hundreds of families and school children have enjoyed this original production from Oxfordshire-based writer Tristan Jackson-Pate, directed by Amelia Thornber.

The show focuses on the themes of unity and collaboration, highlighting rarely told tales from around the world. Audience members are invited to join in with the storytelling and learn about instruments like the Shruti Box and the Brazilian Surdo drum.

Following an around the world research trip, two Story Seekers, Tamako and Mamy-Tiana, return to Oxford, both hoping to secure the same job at the local university with hopes to show off their best storytelling skills to win the role.

One Story Seeker likes to tell stories through music and words, whilst the other enjoys telling stories through acting and movement.

After a performance to young people in Oxford’s Children’s Hospital today, the Playhouse Plays Out Tent will join a fabulous lineup of performances at this weekend’s FloFest at Florence Park, before heading back to schools next week.

Featuring Ancient Chinese folklore, stories of Maya myths, and even legends created a little closer to home, the duo of actor-musicians have been touring the show to primary schools around the county since the start of June.

As part of its Creative Education programme, The Playhouse have been facilitating a range of workshops for all school pupils, from Years 1 to 6, following each performance. These include musical sessions for younger ages and practical theatre workshops using themes from the show for older pupils.

Now in its 12th year, the Playhouse Plays Out Tent is free for all participating schools due to generous funding from Trusts & Foundations and Playhouse supporters. The tour for the tent is focused on areas with low cultural provision or schools where attending the theatre might be more difficult. The project is a vital part of the outreach and community work that Oxford Playhouse undertake, in line with its vision to be A Playhouse for Everyone.

The Playhouse Plays Out Tent tour will conclude at Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, with performances over two weeks: Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 June, and Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 July.