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Moby Dick

Simple8, in association with Royal & Derngate, Northampton

Tickets from £14

4 Stars

You will have a whale of a time


4 Stars

Bold and brilliant

The Daily Telegraph

A new adaptation based on the book by Herman Melville
Adapted by Sebastian Armesto

A fast and vibrant reimagining of Melville’s classic.

Featuring sea shanties played live on stage.

“There she blows!”

October, 1839. The Pequod is due to sail out of Nantucket and her skipper, Captain Ahab, is in need of a crew. Seeking fortune and adventure, a humble schoolmaster named Ishmael ships aboard, joining a company charged with one task: to wreak revenge on the white whale that lost Ahab his leg – the infamous Moby-Dick. Ahab’s single-minded pursuit ends up consuming Ishmael, the crew and the Pequod itself.

The spirit and atmosphere of Herman Melville’s masterpiece – romantic, ambiguous, and rich with allegory – is gloriously captured on stage by Simple8. Using some planks of wood, tattered sheets and an old accordion, the hunt for the most famous whale on earth is ingeniously brought to life.

4 Stars

A company possessing the skills, dedication and intelligence to create wonder

The Times

4 Stars

A transporting experience

The Independent (Critics’ Choice)