Oxford Playhouse programmes a large amount of received work across its 640 seat theatre, 50 seat Burton Taylor Studio, offsite and, increasingly online through its Digital Stage.

If you have a show or proposal you would like to speak to us about, you can find information here on our spaces, programmes, values and who to contact about programming an event.

Our Values

We make our programming decisions based on the following values;

DistinctiveCould this piece be in any other space in Oxfordshire? Why Oxford Playhouse?

Bold How does the piece develop our audiences, profile & artistic programme?

Relevant Does it connect with people in our time?

InclusiveDoes the work present diverse, underrepresented voices?

Inspiring What is the 'wow' factor?

Part of the OP journeyWas the piece born & developed from OP supported artists?

Community How does the piece connect Oxfordshire communities? Is there be cross over with our participatory programmes?

Our Stages

We have detailed here more about our different programmes and stages:

Oxford Playhouse

Our beautiful proscenium arch theatre seats 640. We host a received or co-produced work all year round, apart from six weeks over Christmas where we produced Christmas pantomime.

Theatre productions makes up the majority of our programme in this space varies from new work, classic texts, contemporary adaptations to work that stretches and plays with form. We also programme, dance, circus, opera, family work, comedy and music.

Full Technical Specs

A wide shot of OP's auditorium. There are seats in red, orange, purple and yellow.

Burton Taylor Studio

Our black box studio space seats 50 people. We host received work in March-April and September-October. We produce and co-produce new work for families at Christmas and Easter. For the rest of the year, this space hosts student performances and rehearsals.

Full Technical Specs

A photograph of the Burton Taylor Studio which shows the exterior of the venue including the entry to the studio.

Digital Stage

We are increasing programming more digital work and interested in how this form develops audiences.

Plays Out

Our ‘Playhouse Plays Out’ programme receives and produces work in unique and accessible spaces around Oxfordshire. We look for work that plays with the spaces in new ways, including experiential or immersive theatre.

Annually, we also produce, co-produce or receive a show for 5-11 to tour in our Playhouse Plays Out Tent, which tours for free to schools and communities. Find out more.

Our Seasons

Our spaces are programmed on a rolling basis, and currently across 3 seasons;

Autumn/Winter: Sept to Jan

Spring: Feb to May

Summer: May to Sept


If you have a show that’s touring that you feel would suit our programme or would like any more information about our programming policy, we would love to hear from you! Please contact our Director of Programming and Creative Partnerships Katy Snelling on [email protected].

In the first instance, please send us as much information as possible about your show (please include. tour packs, technical riders, reviews and trailers where possible).

Our Decision Making Process

The programming team meets weekly to carefully consider all submissions, based on the criteria outlined in this policy.

We also consult with our Oxford Playhouse Board and wider team. We aim to get back to anyone who asks to be programmed within one month of enquiry.

Offbeat Festival Logo

Offbeat Festival

Offbeat is our festival for new work. This happens in June and is programmed by open call.

A woman dancing on stage

Are you an Artist?

We offer support and guidance through our Artist Development programmes.

Find Out More