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Please right back

A 1927 & Burgtheater Vienna co-production

Tickets from £14

A paper cut out of a hand holds an abstract photo of a man wearing a long coat and holding a hat.

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The Observer

Written by Suzanne Andrade
Directed by Suzanne Andrade and Esme Appleton
Film and animation by Paul Barritt

The new show from multi-award-winning company 1927.

Combining handcrafted animation and bold storytelling, Please right back sweeps audiences into a magical, mischievous world, inspired by a true story.

Kim and Davey’s dad, Mr E, has disappeared. When Mr E writes to his children to tell them what has happened, his imagination takes over. Reality collides with fantasy, as we travel on a fast-paced journey through his wild adventure stories. Mr E’s letters are staged using song, dance, and subversive animations, as his stories become a kind of game between him and his children – a cathartic release in the face of distress.

Part social realism, part science fiction with a healthy dose of mischief and a dash of dystopia, Please right back is a eulogy to the power of the imagination, storytelling and make believe.