Large Print Brochure

Our brochure is also available in a large print format. Please email the marketing team or call the Box Office on 01865 305305 if you’d like to request a large print brochure.

Accessible Parking

There are a number of disabled parking spaces on Beaumont Street. There are some more on St Giles. Please see the Blue Badge parking map.

The nearest car park to Oxford Playhouse is the underground car park in Gloucester Green, however the car park is only accessible by steps and there are no Blue Badge parking spaces. There is also a height restrictions in operation so if you are travelling by mini bus, check here.

Accessible Toilets

There is an adapted toilet located on the entrance level to the Playhouse, which also has baby changing facilities. There are no steps to the toilet.

Wheelchair Spaces

We have wheelchair spaces in the following locations:

  • Stalls: end of row E
  • Stalls: end of row L
  • Stalls: near centre of row T

Please contact the Box Office to book your wheelchair space.

The Circle, Lucy Room and Top Room and currently only accessible by steps.


All seats in the stalls and circle have arms. The width between these arms is approximately 17 inches (43-44cm). An accessible toilet and baby changing facility are located on the ground floor, as you enter the auditorium through Door A.

Burton Taylor Studio

Our Burton Taylor Studio is only accessible via two flights of stairs. If you require a stair climber, please let the Box Office know when booking on 01865 305305.

Box Office, Foyer Bar & Kiosk

The Box Office, Foyer Bar and Kiosk are all wheelchair accessible and are located in the main foyer.

The Box Office and Foyer Bar both have a lowered section specifically accessible for a wheelchair user.

Please note we take cash and card payments on all our tills.

Level Entry

There are no steps leading up to the entrance of the Playhouse or into The Richard Gladstone Meeting Room and access to the Stalls is on the same level.

The floor in the Stalls of the auditorium is carpeted and there are no steps.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to install a lift because of the restrictions of the building.

Stairs Around The Venue

Downstairs Toilets

To access the downstairs toilets, there are 3 steps beside the Box Office, then a small landing, followed by 9 more steps. There is a handrail on one side. Ascending back up to the Foyer Bar on the other side, there are 13 steps with no handrail.

Circle Bar

To access the Circle Bar, both staircases have 3 steps to a small landing with a short handrail which is quite high on one side. This is then followed by 12 more steps with handrails on both sides before reaching another small landing. There is then another staircase of 8 steps with handrails on both sides.

There are two additional steps, with a handrail on one side, to access the Circle seating. In the Circle, due to the teared seating, there are multiple steps with no handrail.

Circle Bar Toilets

To access the Circle Bar toilets, there are 2 shallow steps in the corridor with no handrail.

Guide Dogs & Other Assistance Animals

Guide dogs and other Assistance Animals are welcome. Please advise Box Office upon booking of any particular requirements necessary to accommodate your animal.

It is always worth checking with staff before you go in to a performance if there is anything unusual about the play which might affect your dog.

Sennheiser & Ear Defenders

If you find it challenging to hear the dialogue for performances, we have infrared headphones available to increase the dialogue level for you, as well as a loop necklaces that can boost the sound level straight to your hearing aid. Sadly we do not currently have a system that works with Bluetooth hearing aids.

Ear defenders are also available for anybody that might struggle with loud noises. These help to reduce the sound level so you may still enjoy the performance. Please ask a member of the Front of House team or a Box Office Assistant who will be able to provide this equipment, and support you.


If you need to store a pushchair or wheelchair, please ask a member of our front of house staff and they will assist you and ensure you have access to this during the interval and at the end of the performance.

Companion Tickets

On the vast majority of shows we offer discounted tickets, generally priced at £11.50 and £15 (dependent on the show) to patrons who are registered with a visual or hearing impairment and also to patrons who have a disability, as defined by the Equality Act 2010.

A companion can also buy a ticket at this discounted price in advance.