Why do we still retell Greek myths – what relevance do they have today?

Why are they still important to the modern Western World?

We’re excited to present three of the most loved and enduring Greek myths for free in partnership with Unicorn Theatre Online for ages 7 to 12 (School Years 3 to 7).

This series of three new short plays by some of the UK’s most exciting writers have been creatively filmed and edited to bring theatre to life online for children. Directed by the Unicorn Theatre’s Associate Director Rachel Bagshaw, the films reinvent and reimagine the original myths enabling pupils to explore the resonances of Greek Myths to today’s world anew.

Jessie and the Jellybeans

Based on King Midas & His Golden Touch adapted by Vanessa Kisuule
Jelly beans! Everywhere! If you could wish for anything and it was sure to come true, what would
you wish for? Jessie gets given the Midas touch, and realises getting everything you ever asked for
might not be so golden after all.

Ariadne on the Beach

Based on Theseus & the Minotaur adapted by Alexandra Wood
There comes a time in our lives when doing the right thing can mean sacrificing everything you’ve
ever known. As Ariadne makes a choice and saves Theseus from the Minotaur, her world will never
be the same again.


Adapted by E.V. Crowe
There’s taking a picture of yourself and then there is taking the picture of yourself. The perfect picture can be taken a million different ways. From selfies to filters, how would Narcissus fair in 2022? In one anonymous hotel room, armed with a smartphone, she’s about to find out.

Greek Myths Unplugged is developed with the support of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Digital Accelerator for Arts and Culture.