Kayla’s mum is away a lot, but Kayla doesn’t mind. She’s got Snowy, her teddy and Grandpa - plus Mum always sends postcards. But what’s this? Mum’s latest postcards are extra special! Mum’s sent Kayla some games to help while away the winter nights until Mum gets home. Grandpa loves puzzles so much he’s decided to make some as well!

Explore this page to discover activities from Mum and Grandpa. Help Kayla and Snowy solve the puzzles in time for Christmas!

Postcard Problems

Mum’s got a postcard problem! Can you help Kayla spot the difference between the postcards? There are five differences in each pair.

Grandpa's Wordsearch

Kayla loves exploring and searching for things. Can you help her find the words Grandpa’s hidden in this grid?

Home in Time for Crosswords

Grandpa loves doing the puzzles in his newspaper so much that he’s made a crossword just for Kayla. Can you help her solve it?