Read on to learn how Oxford Playhouse keep young people safe during our online session.

Unique Meeting ID & Password Protection
In order to access a scheduled session or workshop, each Zoom session will have a unique Meeting ID, as well as a Password, which will be emailed to parents at least thirty minutes before the session start time. The Meeting ID and Password will be different for each session. It is essential that the Meeting ID and Password are not shared publicly particularly online or via social media. If it is discovered that the Meeting ID and/or Password have been shared, we will consider this a breach of our Safeguarding practice, and immediately close down the session. Any participant responsible for sharing this information may be permanently removed from the group.

Zoom Waiting Room
The session host – in this instance, the workshop leader will be responsible for admitting participants into each session on Zoom. When logging into Zoom, participants will be placed into a virtual Waiting Room, where they will remain until the session host grants them access to the session. In the unlikely event that someone from outside of the group has managed to access the Meeting ID and/or Password, the session host will be able to see this, and deny access to the session.

Chat Functions
In order to monitor interaction between participants, the Chat Function on Zoom will be set up so that participants can type a message to the session host only. This is in place to avoid the risk of private conversations between participants, including documents being shared and online bullying. With the option to still speak with the session host, questions or concerns can still be raised, aside from the wider group, should there be a need.

Record Functions
In order to ensure that participants are not using the video Record Function on Zoom, this will be disabled. Session hosts will be notified of any participant trying to use the video Record Function in the Zoom session and will be able to deny permission. In the unlikely event that a session host wishes to record a session, even for just a short period within a session, parents will be notified via email in advance to explain the purpose for this recording. This prior warning will give parents enough time to deny permission for their child to be recorded, or to request that their child is withdrawn from session activity during the period of recording.

Session Host & Session Co-Host
Each session that is hosted via the Zoom platform will always have two supervising adults present. Each adult has been assigned following an acceptable Enhanced DBS check, and current Safeguarding training. Having two supervising adults present in each session allows for both additional technical and additional pastoral support for each young person. Each session host and session co-host is presented with a list of expected conduct:

1. Sessions should always be conducted from an appropriate space within their remote location, i.e. a seating area, an office space. It will be deemed highly inappropriate for a session to take place in a personal space such as a bedroom or bathroom.

2. Session hosts should present themselves – in both conduct and appearance – in a professional manner, expected of all employees of Oxford Playhouse.

3. Session hosts should plan flexible sessions to suit young people of varying levels of experience and comfortability. They should respond to the needs and responses of each young person that they work with.

4. Session hosts should ensure they are aware of physical, emotional and behavioural barriers that might cause a young person to struggle with a specific part of a session. All attempts should be made to avoid any such barriers from limiting a young person’s involvement in a session and should be treated with caution and concern at all times.

5. Session hosts should maintain regular contact with parents to ensure that the best care and support is always provided for their child, in line with both the wishes of the parent and the strictest concern for safeguarding.

Further Safeguarding Support

Should there be any concerns – from a parent, young person or session host – about the safety and welfare of a young person who takes part in any session that is hosted by Oxford Playhouse, this should be raised with our Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Paul Simpson, Participation Manager
01865 305366

The Designated Safeguarding Lead is the organisation’s senior point of contact with responsibility for the safety and welfare of young people. Should anyone need to disclose concern, seek advice, or request support to contact external agencies, the contact details above can be used to contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Additional guidance on how to keep young people safe online, can be found on the NSPCC website