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Community Tickets

Community Tickets

Do you work or volunteer for a charity or community group?

Does that charity or group support individuals living in Oxfordshire?

Do those individuals face social or economic barriers that prevent them from coming to the theatre?

If the answer to all three is 'yes', then read on...

Every year, Oxford Playhouse pledges to give away up to 2,000 free tickets to local community groups and charities to give people who may find a trip to the theatre more challenging than others the opportunity to come and see our shows.

To facilitate this, we have set up the Oxford Playhouse Community Tickets Membership Scheme. Any charity or community group serving individuals in Oxfordshire who would otherwise struggle to come to our theatre is welcome to join. Members will be able to claim a limited number of free or heavily discounted tickets to selected performances at the Playhouse when they become available. It's free to join and membership lasts for two years before members must rejoin, to ensure that we have the most up to date information about the groups. 


To join or for further information please email

The group will need to fill out a form which asks for the groups contact details, information about the group's work, if there are any access requirements and what kinds of shows the group is interested in seeing. 


1. Once your group has joined, Emily will send you an email when tickets become available. This email will tell you a little bit about the show, how many tickets can be claimed and for which performance. If the group would like to come, you should contact your group to find out how many people would like to come. Once you know how many tickets in total you need, follow the instructions in the email to request them. Please be aware that tickets are often for specific performances, are limited and subject to availability.

2. Once you have told Emily how many tickets the group would like, she will book them. If there are any access requirements we will endeavour to meet them. Once they have been booked, Emily will let you know and will either post the tickets or leave them for collection.

3. If any changes need to be made, Emily should be contacted as soon as possible. If the group needs any additional tickets, they can be sold to the group at a discounted rate.

4. If the tickets are to be posted, they will be posted for free to the groups address unless another address is given. If there is not enough time before the performance to post the tickets, they will be left for collection.

5. If the tickets are to be left for collection, they will be left under the name of the group at the Ticket Office, located in the foyer at the Playhouse. Tickets can be collected at any time up until the start of the performance. As it can get very busy in our foyer before a performance we strongly advise that one person collects all the tickets, then distributes them around the group.

6. If a group needs to cancel their tickets, we must be told as soon as possible so that we can either offer the tickets to another group or release them for sale. If a group does not cancel its tickets in advance, the group could face disciplinary measures.

7. We always welcome feedback and love to hear what you thought of the show. Any feedback can be sent to Emily using the contact details above.


1. All not-for-profit community groups and charities that serve individuals in the Oxfordshire area who do not have the resources to otherwise attend a show are invited to apply.

2. Tickets are for specific performances only and are offered on a first come, first served basis. Tickets are for the designated performances only and cannot be exchanged. Tickets are limited and subject to availability.

3. Oxford Playhouse will track ticket usage and groups must use at least 80% of the donated tickets in order to participate in future performances.

4. Tickets cannot be resold or used as auction items at fundraising events. Reselling tickets will be grounds for disqualification. However, Oxford Playhouse also gives away tickets to be handed out as raffle prizes. For more information about this, please contact


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