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A few facts about our new tickets and prices

A few facts about our new tickets and prices
posted 01 Aug 2017

A quick explanation on changes we've made to improve your Playhouse...

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve recently made a few changes to our ticket prices and the way we release our tickets. We did our best to make sure we communicated this clearly during our recent season launch, but given a few recent comments we’d like to clarify a few things. It’s important to us at the Playhouse that the booking process is as transparent as possible.

  • To start with: we’ve begun to change our pricing structures. This means that, while the most expensive tickets are a bit more expensive, the mid and lower priced tickets have all got cheaper. More than 45% of all tickets have gone down in price and the cheapest seats are now at the lowest-ever price of £10 (and there’s more of them, too).
  • We’ve also begun to stagger the way we release our seats. When shows go on sale, the seats available to book are at the front of the auditorium - as these fill we'll release the seats towards the back of the theatre. That’s because a lot of studies and experience have shown that staggering release in this manner creates the best atmosphere, makes sure you’re able to book seats with a great view at the best price, and maximises enjoyment for both audience and actors. More than 200 seats are made available in this first release so there are plenty of seats at all prices to choose from.
  • The initial release of all shows will always include the cheapest price tickets. Every week-long show at the Playhouse goes on sale with £10 or £15 tickets available. If we ever start to run out of tickets at the cheapest prices, that’s when we release more seats further back. So you never have to wait for the cheaper seats. We will always make sure that early bookers have access to the most affordable tickets. 
  • We’re committed to being your Playhouse. That means that, sometimes, we need to make changes for the long-term health of the organisation. To make sure that, in ten years’ time, you still have a Playhouse to bring you the best theatre from the UK and internationally. We analysed 3 years of booking data before making these changes, and other theatres (both in the West End and regionally) have implemented similar policies, which have had really positive results both in terms of audience enjoyment and financial stability. 

We really appreciate that our audiences have been there for the Playhouse through thick and thin, and we hope we’ve repaid your loyalty with a lot of good performances over the years. If you have any queries about the new prices please don't hesitate to call the Ticket Office on 01865 305305 or email us.

And remember, the easiest way to access world class theatre right here in Oxford at the lowest prices is to book early and nab those £10 tickets. To find out what's coming up first, become a member, join our e-list or follow us on social media.


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