What's On

There's Something Going on Here

An Out of Chaos production

Free to anyone in the Cowley area of Oxford

There’s Something Going On Here unfolds over two weeks in East Oxford. It combines telephone theatre, public space happenings, and a finale that brings everyone together.

Action begins with live phone calls from the Department for Continuity. A portal from the past may have opened in your area – have you noticed anyone dressed like they’re from another time?

In the days that follow, there will be more calls and messages, public artworks and immersive-theatre-style happenings – some popping up on your very street, others in local venues (pubs, cafes).

Audience members can be individuals, households or families living in the Cowley area. The experience is designed to be very flexible, and does not require a heavy time commitment. You can join whenever you want, and engage as much or as little as you wish.

Keep an eye out for these posters in the Cowley area of Oxford...

5 Stars

Unique, joyous and barmy

West End Best Friend on Out of Chaos' Is Now A Good Time?

0 Stars

The interactivity is pitched perfectly

Exeunt on Out of Chaos' Is Now A Good Time?