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The Wonderful World of Dissocia

By Anthony Nielson

Tickets from £10

A girl is floating in mid air in an empty room, with multi coloured balloons wrapped around her waist.

An Oxford Playhouse Young Company production

Directed by Jo Noble

Like Wonderland, or Oz, Dissocia is surreal, chaotic, witty and mind-changing. Lisa, our troubled heroine takes us on a fantastical journey in search of an hour she has lost. Punctuated by absurdist characters and situations, a shadow materialises.

Following its acclaimed performances of Nell Gwynn and Jane Eyre, the Oxford Playhouse Young Company has been devising and performing on-line during pandemic. This production marks the company’s comeback to the main stage.

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We would like to reassure our audiences of their safety when visiting Oxford Playhouse. We continue to follow the safety and hygiene measures recommended by government, including specific advice for performing arts venues.

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The acting was polished, the set imaginative and the ensemble pieces beautifully choreographed.

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