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The Tiger Lillies

From the Circus to the Cemetery

Tickets £25.50

Three men with their faces painted white in an abandoned looking hallway. One man sits on a chair holding an accordion, another stands next to him and one pokes through a frame in the wall.

The Grammy nominated Godfathers of alternative cabaret return with a career spanning concert. Expect dark and deviant theatrics as they delve into their back catalogue presenting their most famous songs alongside new surprises.

With an international reputation for being one of the foremost avant-garde bands in the world, Olivier award winners The Tiger Lillies never cease to surprise, shock and entertain with their inimitable musical style, conjuring up the macabre magic of pre-war Berlin and fusing it with the savage edge of punk. This unique, Brechtian street opera trio tour the world playing concerts and theatre shows such as The Tiger Lillies Christmas Carol, The Ancient Mariner and the West End hit Shockheaded Peter.

5 Stars

The execution is impeccable throughout. Phenomenal.’


0 Stars

In an ideal world, The Tiger Lillies would represent Britain in the Eurovision song contest.

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