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The Munch Mission

Part of Offbeat Festival 2022

Tickets £8

A man with a giant moustache holds a notepad on stage. A woman in sunglasses peers over his shoulder holding a magnifying glass.

Oh help, our Munch is missing!

Do you possess the wit, nerve and skill to become the next CIA agent?

There's been a theft of world famous artwork from Oslo National Museum. Work with Agents Kahlo and Dali of the Company of International Artists to solve a fiendishly sneaky art heist. Help them to chase leads, decipher clues and interrogate suspects to retrieve the missing artwork in this globe-trotting adventure.

Full of mystery, nods to film noir and a broad streak of quirky comedy, 'The Munch Mission' is a playable family theatre show from award-winning theatre company Brave Bold Drama.