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The Lesson

An Icarus Theatre production

Tickets £12.50

Half a woman's face with a tear rolling down her cheek. Numbers are projected across the image and her face.

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It is impossible not to enjoy Icarus Theatre’s production of Ionesco’s one-act play.

The Stage

‘In this world of ours, Mademoiselle, one can never be sure of anything…’

‍Icarus’ blistering, magical and award-winning production of Eugene Ionesco’s classic dark comedy returns to the stage. Following sold out runs at Teatrul de Comedie in Bucharest, among others.

A mild-mannered professor takes on a new pupil, and swiftly descends into tyranny, becoming bent on her destruction; a comically surreal exposé about power, knowledge and those who hoard both.

A dynamic projection design encapsulates the beating heart of Ionesco’s text and interweaves exciting new Creative Captioning technology to ensure that every performance is accessible for deaf and hard of hearing audiences.

‍Supported by Arts Council England, and Mantle.

About Creative Captioning

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The brand new Creative Captioning process, supported by Arts Council England, brings this play to deaf & hard of hearing audiences through projection integrated into the set and lighting design.

Creative captions offer an opportunity for deaf and hard of hearing audiences to more fully immerse themselves in a performance. Rather than appearing on a hard to read screen to the side of the stage, the captions are on stage, integrated into the set design, matching the style of the show and reflecting the characterisation and tone of the actors.

This creative approach ensures all performances are accessible as well as enhancing the creative story for hearing audiences as well.

4 Stars

Timely and fascinating.

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4 Stars

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