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The Land's Heart Is Greater Than Its Map

Part of Offbeat Festival 2022

Tickets £10

A man with a suitcase climbs a staircase leading up to the sky. The staircase is covered in barbed wire.

Join a guided tour of a distant city where nothing seems to make sense. Its people are silenced and its landscape is disappearing.

There is a far away city which cannot be named. Its people are silenced and its landscape is disappearing.

In this distant city, daily life is stranger than fiction: you can see the sea but are forbidden to touch it, being honest is illegal and those with ancestral connections to the city are forbidden to enter it.

Propelled by a need to tell the city’s story before it is forever forgotten, a resident records the stories behind his favourite places.

This alternative guided tour allows you to wander through the streets of his hometown. Your journey to this distant city will take place within the streets of Oxford and requires only comfortable shoes and an open imagination.

The content of the stories that our resident tour guide will tell you are not what you might expect; they do not focus on historic landmarks and holy sites. Instead his chosen 'stops' on the tour are at the hidden and seemingly insignificant areas and sites of memory that one holds dearly when the threat of exile and erasure hangs over your head.

An emotional, cartographic resistance piece which actively questions who has the right to claim the history of places and objects and how we can imaginatively salvage shrinking landscapes.

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An invitation to share experience and a provocation to look beyond surfaces.

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