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The Importance of Being Nihilists

University of Oxford Student Season: Hilary Term 2022

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Cartoon of a black grand piano with 2 white flowers laying on top. Behind the piano, the background shows a sheet of music notes.

By Anna Stephen

Homage to Oscar Wilde, his wit and his words. The Importance of Being Nihilists combines farce with murder mystery, revealing the shadow of mortality behind the absurdity of our lives.

In a version of Victorian London dashed with anachronism, Desmond Beret lives a ‘productively idle’ life. When someone drops a piano onto his best friend from a second-storey window, a network of characters comes together, united by the crime.

This exciting piece of new writing addresses art, sexuality, family relations, the education system, irreverence, and bread and butter. Nihilists proves that ultimately, we’re allowed to laugh at ourselves.