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The Circle

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A long thin garden with hedge rows on either side leading up to a manor house. The back of a woman is in view, she wears a black dress and black gloves. A 1920s pearl necklace cascades down her back.

5 Stars

An exceptional cast. Thrilling to watch. A comic treat.


By Somerset Maugham

Starring Jane Asher, Clive Francis and Nicholas Le Prevost
Directed by Tom Littler

Will history come full circle? Or can one generation learn from their parents’ mistakes?

Jane Asher (Alfie, Deep End) plays Lady Kitty, a society beauty who notoriously abandoned her stuffy husband Clive (Clive Francis, The Crown), and eloped with the handsome Lord Porteous (Nicholas Le Prevost, Shakespeare in Love, Testament of Youth).

Thirty years later, love’s young dream has descended into non-stop squabbling... Meanwhile Clive and Lady Kitty’s son Arnold (Pete Ashmore, The Lovely Bones) faces the same marital fate, as his wife Elizabeth (Olivia Vinall) threatens to elope with the dashing Teddie Luton (Chirag Benedict Lobo).

Somerset Maugham’s sparky comedy of manners was first staged in 1921 and has remained a firm favourite with audiences ever since. Maugham was among the most successful novelists and playwrights of the inter-war years. Many of his novels, including The Painted Veil, Theatre, Up At The Villa and Of Human Bondage have been adapted for the screen.

4 Stars

Tom Littler’s deft production of Maugham’s play is consistently candid and surprising. Strongly acted.