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The Cherry Orchard

University of Oxford Student Company: An Exciting New | By Anton Chekhov

Tickets from £14

Three women on a pink background. They wear white dresses and their faces are blurred showing different expressions in different frames.

By Anton Chekhov

Adapted and Directed by Harry Brook | Translated by Esmé Buzzard
“Life goes on like I never even lived it”

Lyubov Ranyevskaya rejects a proposal from a familiar face to protect the family estate. Whilst she fights to preserve her idyllic childhood, the whole Gaev family are forced to confront their past and their future. The cherry orchard holds their memories, their dreams, and their struggles. Will they find a way to preserve their way of life, or will they lose everything they hold dear?

Anton Chekhov
’s The Cherry Orchard is a masterpiece of theatrical tragicomedy. Presented by student theatre company An Exciting New, Chekhov’s final play examines a society on the brink of collapse, as past and future collide.