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Sleeping Beauty

An Oxford Playhouse Pantomime

Tickets from £15

Illustration of a woman sleeping in a bed with her hands behind her head wearing a crown, with long brown curly hair. A teddy bear is next to her in the same position. There is a fairy floating above them with a wand and a man the other side of the bed wearing a long brown coat and glasses.

We all know the story of Sleeping Beauty, right?

Evil fairy curses baby, baby grows into a beautiful teenage princess, princess pricks her finger on a spindle and... time travels across 1000 years.

Oh no, she doesn’t? Oh yes, she DOES in this spellbinding new production brought to you by Oxford Playhouse.

Our Aurora must summon all of her fairy-given gifts - true friendship, intelligence, bravery and a good night’s sleep (along with a teddy bear and a mysterious 1985 Smash Hits Yearbook) to put things right and regain her rightful place in the kingdom of Oxland.

Join us at The Playhouse from Fri 22 Nov 2024 to Sun 5 Jan 2025 to see all your favourite loveable (and downright boo-able) panto heroes and villains in a toe-tapping extravaganza with a generous, deeley boppered sprinkling of 80s nostalgia.

A magical and festive experience perfect for all the family. Never mind goodnight, this is sure to be the BEST night.

Don’t hit snooze... book your tickets now for this year’s Oxford Playhouse Pantomime, Sleeping Beauty.

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