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Shallow Resting Place

A Take My Word production

Tickets £10

Charlie and Sophia reunite after three years. The exes have entered this reunion with very different expectations. Mid-way through their walk, they are caught in torrential rain. Seeking cover under a bus shelter – and with buses only running every 35 minutes – they are forced to move beyond the small talk and address their past. Having sent dozens of hand-written letters to Sophia over the years, Charlie has now grown restless and demands a response.

Shallow Resting Placeis an ethereal and tender exploration of the addictive nature of nostalgia, the consequences of romanticising the people we love and what it means to rediscover home. Set against the backdrop of the Oxfordshire prairies, we see how nature, queerness and storytelling all intersect. We see what happens when a relationship between two young women, that one of them thought would last forever, finally comes to an end. And the journey they go on – while not actually moving beyond the bus shelter – to get there.