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May the Farce Be With You

As part of the IF Oxford Science and Ideas Festival

Tickets £9/ £7

Comedian and cartoonist Mike Capozzola’s multimedia show mocks and celebrates everything related to Star Wars!

Thrill to uncanny impressions!
Glimpse archival art from school notebooks!
Witness a merciless appraisal of Star Wars merchandising.
Relive the tale of an epic lightsabre battle that nearly derailed a New York parade!

Mike Capozzola
is a London-based, Italian-American pro comedian, originally from New York.

Mike's not on Tik-Tok. He's just got real world comedy chops and actual film credits. He's performed at comedy clubs, theatres, comedy festivals and comic cons in 24 countries across the UK, USA, Europe and Middle East.

0 Stars

A brilliant comedian with a dry sense of humor

San Francisco SketchFest

0 Stars

Charming with a quick wit, Mike was an audience favorite

Metro Comedy Club, Prague