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Double Bill: I, Victor and The Invert: A Seductive Piece of Special Pleading

Queer Fest: A Queer new writing festival from Oxford Playhouse and Pegasus Theatre

Tickets £10 | Concessions £8

An exciting double bill of queer new writing

The Invert: a seductive piece of special pleading

Directed by Costi Levy

Written by Lily Sheldon

Bow Street, London, 1928. The Well of Loneliness is on trial for obscenity. Its author, Marguerite Radcylffe Hall, is not allowed to testify. Nearly 100 years on, The Invert: a seductive piece of special pleading brings Radclyffe Hall into the courtroom in a dynamic exploration of free speech, moral panic and fears about Queers.

Want to join the jury? Come and put this Invert on trial.

I, Victor

Childhood sweethearts, after-school graveyard dwellers, and one of them is dead. Vic and Liz are made for each other. That is, until they’re not. Death might seem like the end, but Vic has other ideas.

Inspired by Mary Shelley’s infamous novel and pop-culture’s serial killer obsession, I, Victor is a passionate tale of love, loss and voracious ambition.