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Home In Time for Christmas

An Oxford Playhouse production

Offpeak £10.50 (Children £8.50)

Peak £12 (Children £10)

A cartoon drawing of a young girl walking in the snow. In the background there are trees, a sleigh and a teddy bear hanging on a sign directing her to the 'North Pole', 'Desert', 'Home' and 'Jungle'.

Kayla’s mum is away a lot, but Kayla doesn’t mind. She’s got Snowy, her teddy and Grandpa - plus Mum always sends postcards. But on Christmas Eve, Kayla decides to go on her own adventure.

Join Kayla and Snowy as they journey around the world, making new friends with the animals they meet along the way!

But what about Grandpa left behind? Will Kayla and Snowy get back home in time for Christmas?

Take a starlight adventure with amazing puppets made by theatre company Smoking Apples.

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The Burton Taylor Studio has never let me down when it comes to kids' shows.

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