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Fat Blokes

A Scottee & Friends production

Tickets from £10

A shirtless person stands with a hand on their hip

4 Stars

Angry, lovable and tender show...an act of theatrical consciousness-raising.

The Guardian

Fat Blokes is the cult, award-winning, sell-out, sort of dance show about trying to fit into a world that says you’re too fat.

Made by five fat friends who have never done this sort of thing before, in collaboration with Lea Anderson, Fat Blokes subjects you to our pent-up aggression, love for riot grrrl and our ability to burp on command.

Prepare to fall in love with us.

This is fat rebellion.

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4 Stars

Well crafted, heartfelt and honest.

The Scotsman

4 Stars

A poignant, unsentimental exploration of fat queer masculinity... Excellently interweaves dance and personal memories.

The Stage