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Crimes on Centre Court

A New Old Friends production in association with MAST Mayflower Studio

Tickets from £10

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A barrage of deliciously hilarious one-liners and belly-aching back-handers.

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Lord Knows, the chair of The Whombledun International Invitational Tennis Tournament, has died and his son, Hugh, is suspicious. The police won’t take the case so Hugh calls in Perry & Penny Pink, private investigators.

What transpires has all the hallmarks of multi-award-winning New Old Friends particular brand of theatrical hilarity: a cast of four performers play countless characters with quick-fire changes and quicker wits. Expect mirth, murder and mayhem, with a side of tennis.

Crimes on Centre Court, based on a story from the award-winning podcast (#2 in iTunes fiction chart), is an ace of a show which you’re sure to (fifteen) love. This deucey treat will rally the spirits and leave you wanting a second serve-ing of the volley of gags and visual delights. You won’t see it game set and matched anywhere else.

New Old Friends have built a national reputation with their wildly inventive set-pieces, twisty plots and commitment to unadulterated entertainment.

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A hilarious serve-and-volley tennis match played out on stage

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Has the crowd in stitches

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