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Clorinda Agonistes

Clorinda the Warrior

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A performer dances across the stage on an orange background.

Shobana Jeyasingh Dance

Clorinda Agonistes - Clorinda the Warrior is a dramatic and powerful work that weaves contemporary dance, film, and baroque and new music to create a story that explores resistance, resilience and rebellion across the boundaries of culture and time.

It is inspired by the heroine of Claudio Monteverdi’s celebrated work Il Combattimento, the proud and fiery Muslim warrior Clorinda who refuses to reveal her name.

In Shobana Jeyasingh’s bold, visceral and surprising retelling of Clorinda’s story, the heroine becomes symbolic of women engaging in and caught up in the struggles of the Middle East today.

In this bravura act of time travel, the baroque beauty of Monteverdi;s score gives way to music by the celebrated Arab-American composer Kareem Roustom, whose specially commissioned score is played live with the haunting voice of Syrian soprano Dima Orsho.

The live music – sung by Ed Lyon, one of UK’s most sought after tenors – is conducted by Robert Hollingworth, founder and director of the renowned voice ensemble I Fagiolini.

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