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by Debbie Bird

Tickets £12.50

Debbie Bird on stage.

Buzzing is the story of Julie, hindered by inhibitions, a perimenopausal body, and the prospect of mature dating. She searches for the sex life she once had and introduces us to a range of characters who have hindered or helped her transition from a frumpy housewife to an empowered woman of the 21st Century.

I wrote this play to give menopausal women a voice and start conversations about how women become ‘invisible’ as they approach mid-life, especially as single women. I want to uplift and empower my audience, whether they have reached menopause or not. Happily, it has proved to be just as poignant to men.

4 Stars

We cry with her, we laugh, and most importantly - we feel with her.

Spy in the Stalls

0 Stars

A message that needs to be heard by everyone.

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