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Bad Boy Disco

Part of Offbeat Festival 2022

Tickets £10

Two people in sparkly blazers and vicar's dog collars. One holds a book and another holds a computer mouse and remote. There is a disco ball mounted on a Grecian column between them.

What do we do when someone we’ve admired turns out to be a Bad Boy?

Can we still enjoy their art? Isn’t it a shame we’ll never know who wrote Father Ted? These are just some of the questions CB4 Theatre are out to answer.

Armed with verbatim interviews, digital interaction, and a wheelbarrow full of beer, Bad Boy Disco takes a deep dive into social media, celebrity and fandom. Join two friends who hope to discover how to navigate a world where your heroes aren’t who you thought they were.

CB4’s DIY approach to theatre making sees them sing, quote, and dance their way through awkward conversations and hastily deleted tweets. This timely production takes the conversation around cancel culture and turns it on its head, centering the experiences of the victims of problematic artists and challenging the opinions of stale old white men.