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Comment Book on The Pillowman 30/10/2014

Fantastic conceptual design, perfectly translated to stage...Incredible.

Comment Book on the Pillowman 30/10/2014

Superb! Absolutely loved it!

Liane 28/10/2014

I cried many times purely because I was so in awe at the brilliance of the actors and the way they delievered such a powerful performance and casting a new and refreshing light onto the classic which is Othello.

Comment Book on Othello 27/10/2014

Very powerful, loved the setting and the women were particularly strong. Never seen Othello before but thought this really got to the heart of the story.

Greg F. on Othello 23/10/2014

Othello is god. Othello is life.

Sara Roberts on Othello 23/10/2014

One of the best performances of Shakespeare I have ever seen. (I’m an English teacher and I have seen a lot!) Absolutely terrifying. A truly impressive piece of work. Spectacular. Thank you.

Comment Book on Othello 23/10/2014

Fantastic performance! Really great all round cast. Thank you.

Comment Book on The Furies 21/10/2014

A fantastic production.

Comment Book on The Furies 21/10/2014

Very powerful, artistically directed and acted with passion. Well done to all the team!

Comment Book on The Furies 21/10/2014

Powerful! Amazing! So weirdly and unexpectedly relevant to modern life.

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