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Gina T on Macbeth 26/02/2015

Very good performance! Thank you!

Comment Book on Macbeth 26/02/2015

Actors were brilliant – play could be improved.

Comment Book on Macbeth 26/02/2015

Excellent! Incredible combination of sound & theatre. Really innovative!

Comment Book on Noises Off 23/02/2015

Really, really well done. Michael Frayn would be proud.

A. H. on Noises Off 23/02/2015

Well acted! A notoriously hard show to pull off!

Comment Book on Noises Off 23/02/2015

Consummate Farce, Brilliantly performed!

Comment Book on Noises Off 23/02/2015

Excellent timing. Well done.

Comment Book on Jeeves & Wooster 16/02/2015

Absolutely fantastic and the best ever show I’ve/we’ve ever experienced and only 3 actors. Wow!

V P on Jeeves & Wooster 13/02/2015

Perfect cheery winter entertainment. Never seen anyone work so hard for the money so it must be for love.

C M on Jeeves & Wooster 13/02/2015

Thoroughly enjoyable. Haven’t laughed so much for a long time.

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