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Liz on Rebecca 23/11/2015

The stage feels truly like a different space with Kneehigh productions.

C. Mitchell on Rebecca 23/11/2015

Terrific – all that’s best about live theatre.

Comment Book on Rebecca 23/11/2015

Brilliant performance and fabulous introduction of humour and creativity and a dark tale. Thank you!

Comment Book on Rebecca 17/11/2015

Fantastic! Well done.

Comment Book on Rebecca 17/11/2015

Brilliant production - truly impressive!

Comment Book on Pentecost 06/11/2015

Excellent direction of a complex play, leads were incredible and whole cast carried off a very convincing performance. Well done! P.S set was unreal.

Comment Book on Pentacost 06/11/2015

Fabulous play. Beautifully directed. Very provoking!

Comment Book on Singing in the Rain 29/10/2015

Fantastic set! And wonderful lighting. Niall Docherty is just great.

Comment Book on The Tempest 22/10/2015

Excellent production and beautiful stage. Many thanks! Wonderful acting too.

Comment Book on The Tempest 19/10/2015

Magical! I want to come back and see it again.

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