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Debs B. on Guys and Dolls 14/04/2014

Fantastic! The best show I’ve ever seen! Well done all of you.

H & G on Guys and Dolls 14/04/2014

We came for our first anniversary and I could not think of a better way to celebrate our first year of marriage!

Kate V. on Guys and Dolls 14/04/2014

What an amazing show – so professional and it looked so much fun to be part of – Well done!

Comment Book on Guys and Dolls 14/04/2014

I saw the first production in London in my twenties – and you know what – this production is the very best I’ve seen!!!

Comment Book on Guys and Dolls 10/04/2014

I’ve seen the film. I’ve seen 2 or 3 stage productions. This beats the lot. Well done.

Eileen & John on Guys and Dolls 10/04/2014

Came from Taunton, Somerset – for a couple of days and came to see the show. Know it very well – thought the standard was excellent – real confidence and subtlety in performance. Well done!

Comment Book on Translations 08/04/2014

Hadn’t heard of this play. Incredible experience – lost for words!

Comment Book on Translations 08/04/2014

Just wonderful! Hilarious and heartbreaking. Wonderful cast.

Comment Book on Translations 08/04/2014

... vital and true to the text. An inspirational performance.

Comment Book on Rich Hall 01/04/2014

Please do Otis Crenshaw again. Tonight was amazing!!!

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