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Jane on the OPen road
Jane on the OPen road

For 63 days Oxford Playhouse staff member Jane Hornsby will be walking the length of Britain from Land’s End to John O’Groats in aid of Oxford Playhouse.

A distance of nearly 1200 miles, Jane will be walking alone, often through wilderness and wild terrain, all to raise money to help fund the Playhouse’s work with communities and children. To sponsor one, 10 or more of Jane’s 1200 miles click here to donate.

“I rather like walking. Its peaceful and life becomes very uncluttered. However this walk is something else and preparing for it has been anything but peaceful. Sorting out the route, the daily mileage, the accommodation, the difficulties of getting to accommodation if there isn’t anything on the route, thinking about food, carrying enough water, boots falling to bits, feet getting bigger, the back-pack being as light as possible, communication, first-aid kit, stuff to read, stuff to listen to – the list is endless.

Why would I want to do it? Well it was a throw-away remark that started the idea. I work for Oxford Playhouse and it seemed a good idea to do a walk to raise money for them. I see the benefits drama brings to people, be it through laughter, tears or just a very good story. I can access the theatre anytime but there are many, many people who can’t do that. So Oxford Playhouse takes theatre out to audiences with its Playhouse Plays Out Tent (PPO Tent). It goes to fete’s, carnivals, schools, open days and lots of other community events and puts on plays free for anyone who is there. Children can dress up, colour, play, meet the actors and watch a play, grown-ups can laugh, relax and chatter and families can do something together. This is a wonderful initiative but it needs to be paid for and that’s why I am doing the walk, to make sure the tent can tour again in the summer of 2015 and perhaps 2016.

Every penny I raise will be matched by other funding from the Arts Council, so every mile I go the £15 I raise will become £25. So only 1,187 miles to go, and you can do the sums on that!”

Follow her progress here, on twitter @OxfordPlayhouse or on the Oxford Playhouse Facebook Page.

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