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Producing Company: Oxford Playhouse and Live Canon

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(You will need to leave some form of identification as a deposit). MP3 players must be returned within 2 hours.

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Some audience feedback about the walk:

"Loved the poetry walk from Oxford Playhouse ... Would recommend to anyone visiting Oxford."

"What a superb experience! I would advise everyone to do the Poetry Walk - and at only £3 it must be the best value in Oxford!"

"We really enjoyed the Poetry Walk. It really made us appreciate the beauty of Oxford and made us see it in a completely new light."

"Awesome poetry tour! I walked it twice!"

"Loved every minute!"

The Oxford Poetry Walk

It is well that there are palaces of peace
And discipline and dreaming and desire,
Lest we forget our heritage and cease
The Spirit's work-to hunger and aspire...
Oxford by C.S. Lewis

Take an audio poetry tour through the city.

Pick up an MP3 player, headphones and an illustrated map from the Playhouse Ticket Office and set off on an hour-long guided walk of Oxford, with specially selected and recorded poetry for company.

This is a chance to hear Oxford's rich poetic history whilst exploring the buildings and locations which inspired the writing. The Oxford Poetry Walk includes poems from literary greats such as Gerard Manley Hopkins and Oscar Wilde, as well as some more contemporary work. The poetry is performed by Live Canon who have previously entertained audiences on the main stage and as part of Playhouse Plays Out.

What an extraordinary artform poetry is, and what justice Live Canon does to it... Extra Extra

The audio tour costs just £3 per person (you will need to leave a form of identification at the Ticket Office as a deposit for the MP3 player) and is available from Monday 2 April to Saturday 29 September, Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm (or 4.30pm when there is no evening show at Oxford Playhouse).

Venue: Oxford  |  Category: Playhouse Plays Out  |  Running Time: : 1hr


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Audio Description

Audio description is a service for people with visual impairments. It is a live verbal commentary delivered during a performance, capturing the key visual elements such as actions and movements, gestures and facial expressions, sets, props and costumes. The description is relayed to the audience member through a lightweight headset which is supplied by the venue.

Touch Tours

At some performances a touch tour will be available before a performance. This means that before the performance the describer will visit the set with the service users, describe elements of the design and encourage them to touch surfaces, costumes and props so that they can understand the geography and nuances of the performance. Please phone Box Office to book free tickets for the touch tours.


Is a service for people with hearing impairments of all kinds. The captioner uses a special stage text software. They convert the spoken word into text, which is displayed on a caption unit situated on or next to the stage. As the words are spoken or sung the captioner sends the specially formatted script to the display unit.

As well as dialogue, the captions also include the name of the character who is speaking or singing and descriptions of any sound effects. The difference between this and surtitling (for performances in another language) is that it is essential that all of the audible elements of the performance are communicated and the aim is that it be done with the same pace and style as the performances given as part of the production as a whole.

Captioning is also a useful tools for audience members who speak or are learning English as a second language.

'The captions helped me to understand some of the accents and was good practice for my reading skills'
Italian audience member

Pre-Show Talk

A talk held roughly 1 hr before the performance (please check for exact times) in the Top room at Oxford Playhouse. Usually given by one or more members of the creative team involved in a production (Director, Writer, Designer) or by an expert in a related field or in the work of that company itself. The event is £2 to a ticket holder for the performance but it is best to book in advance as there are only 65 seats available by calling 01865 305305. Please note the Top Room is not accessible to wheelchair users.

Post-Show Talk

This is a chance for you to share your thoughts about a production and ask any questions that you may have. Moreover it is an opportunity for you to get more out of your visit from the playhouse, for free. We hold a post show talk for most of out week long shows, usually on a Wednesday.

The talk will be led by a member of the Oxford Playhouse Learning Team and some or all of the cast. Sometimes the director is also available. A few questions will be asked on stage and then it's your turn - all questions welcome.

BSL Signed Perfomance

This service is for Deaf or deafened people with at least an intermediate level of British Sign Language. During a BSL signed performance a trained performance signer will be placed somewhere on the stage to the left or right of the bulk of the action. The Signer will interpret the spoken work and essentially translate it into BSL.